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  • Bennn2

    Its very simple math, the ressources are limited on Earth, so the more people, the more ressources we need. So yeah overpopulation is a problem.

    People on Easter Island all go extinct because they took all the ressources of the island. Its the Earth on a smaller scale.

    • to be fair, they didn't have our tech, imagine a cargo drone filled with timber every week, so they can make that nice bbq party and dance the Moais again.uan
    • Easter Islanders must have known they were doomed if they cut all the trees down, but they still did it. I doubt we'll be any different.PhanLo
    • Recycling and 3D printing will save us.zarkonite
    • Bullshit. We can science the fuck out of everything. You’re just Bennsplaing again!Ianbolton
    • There are more trees in the northern hemisphere than there was 100 years ago. Explain that?Ianbolton
    • eastern islander went extinct, less predators around for trees to grow in population. but, I can't figure out the northern vs south hemisphere part of it.uan
    • Think it’s down to the fact we don’t burn wood anymore, we moved on to beautiful black coal!Ianbolton

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