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  • Nairn1

    Don't take this the wrong way, but - if you genuinely don't think you'll even cover the cost of the shophosting on 4-5 digital products, why don't you just give them away for free and stick on a PayPal/Bitcoin* donate button?

    * because hey, why not? It might be worth something someday...

    • sure, but i still have to build the site with the products and payment etcwhere_am_i
    • 'products' just become content sections/pages with direct links, 'payment' becomes a copy'n'paste button link from Paypal etc.Nairn
    • yes i know, but dont think youre following what i want to find. basically wix shop but free/cheapwhere_am_i
    • ok. You were pretty clear about what you wanted, and I thought I was being pretty clear about the alternative I was suggesting. I guess not.Nairn
    • if i did that i still have to build the site from scratch or pay for wordpress linking etc etc. Im trying to remove that stepwhere_am_i

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