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    Tried it for some time, I think the game been played there is just despicable. I am loosely dating a girl on and off for some time now (met offline). We have a great time together. Both found our profiles and would never have swiped right on each other, so yeah, IMO total arse. Just look at all the low effort pics people put on there. Is that how people present themselves? WTF.

    Online dating is still the game of women having basically free choice, everyone showing off a false personality and tricking men into paying services because so much more men are on this sites.

    I Deleted. It really had a negative impact on my positive mood.

    Also, Tinder has privacy issues and a tremendously bad designed app with horrible UX.

    • interesting - a friend is on tinder and asked me whay i thought of her profile. i said it was a poor reflection of her, buthans_glib
    • asked that she show me what other people's profiles were like. and you're right - they're all piss poor photos, out of focus badly exposed etchans_glib
    • so i guess that's the style people see as 'normal'. if i helped her with her profile she'd probably seem suspicious, like some honeytraphans_glib
    • Do you really think it’s so badly designed? Seems like the opposite to me, a case where they came up with a new UX concept that changed the entire industry.yuekit
    • ^ swiping feature is cool and ecouraging but the rest looks total trash. Sliders are barely usable, words break weirdly, settings and personal info have nomekk
    • clear hierarchy. And it is trying super hard to sell me stuff. I already got Premium for a month, now leave me alone with ANOHTER subscription.mekk
    • Maybe changed it for the worse by making people extremely superficial ;), but nonetheless successful.yuekit
    • yeah my main point is my disappointment with the low effort people put in there. I remember OKCupid times when people actually had good profiles and questionsmekk
    • about themselves and you got matches based on their views. This Tinder game is too depressing for me, it makes you think rejection is curable with premiummekk
    • Hmmm yeah that’s interesting. I have seen both incredibly bad profiles and amazing ones (in terms of quality of photography).yuekit
    • I think it may have to do with the score Tinder assigns you behind the scenes based on some unknown factors. Low score = poor quality profiles.yuekit
    • Tinder is better than nothing. Still better than hitting up women on the street or in bars. When you don't know if they're single or even interested in you.NBQ00
    • ^ They'll tell you if you do that in a bar. As long as you're polite and respectful you get a polite and respectful answer back in 99%mekk
    • Too tedious. And at a bar you may only go up to one girl in an evening without looking like a douche that is hitting up all the girls.NBQ00
    • Hm, usually I have a drink or two and look around who responds to eye contact and a little smile here and there before actually approaching a girl. Works goodmekk
    • Tinder is a slice of society, nothing more, nothing less.
      As for the pics, I see a billion snapchat filters. They did a great job making everyone look "better"
    • mekk, The pickup artistMaaku
    • I've tried online dating, but i generally found tinder depressing, vacuously pertaining to the idea that relationships are disposable.Ianbolton

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