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    People are good at picking their best 5 or 6 photos from the last 5 years so it's not a great reflection of what they look like on an average day. Sometimes a girl is attractive and has some good straightforward shots but chubby girls are good at cropping which is misleading.

    For the most part I've chatted with girls and then realized they're probably not people that would even really spark my interest if I met them any other way.

    Every kind of person is on there so if you actually match with a normal looking girl, she becomes so much more desirable.

    But there are more attractive people out everywhere. Go to a bar in a nice neighborhood and there will be dozens of attractive women. Are they single? Who knows.

    • The girl you meet at the bar could easily turn out to be crazy or not who she says she is too. At least online you can take your time, get to know them etc.yuekit
    • Anyway do attractive women really sit at the bar waiting for strange random guys to come up to them?yuekit
    • I only made good experiences with Tinder matches that I ended up meeting. Even ones that were a bit weird/ awkward.NBQ00
    • It's not all that bad. People just need to laugh about it and see it with humo too.NBQ00
    • I guess my point was that it's a lot of effort and it's still a gamble if you decide to meet someone.freedom

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