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  • robotron3k7

    Really this is so cool, I've been here since Mal and Trans fatty days, so this is real special honor by the youngsters here...

    Idealist and err, I know you dudes love using Helvetica in design but since I'm one of like 4 Latinos here, would it be possible to do Latin branding for my custom chrome blocker??

    Maybe like a jalapeno icon button you hit and then it says, "Yeepaa!! El Robotron3k es muy picoso! No quiero ver en el chat!" So people will know my posts are spicy and not for sensitive types...


    • I don't think they see your post any more... Go wild I guess.pango
    • Just asking for Spanish version of the chrome blockerrobotron3k
    • ya go wild.pango
    • loldopepope
    • spiced up with lunacy and retardness like your so beloved prez.neverscared

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