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    If you are in Tokyo but want a little nature within city limits:

    Mt. Takao is very pretty this time of year:
    They sell really tasty Dango and Fukuro Taiyaki right before you walk up to the top.

    There you can see Fuji on a good day.

    The city is super "showa" style - they still have some trollies with wooden floors!
    many good spots for pics including Katsurahama with Ryoma's statue and the beach.

    if you're there on a SUNDAY - there's an amazing market:

    Eat Katsu: broiled bonito ((soooo tasty)

    This spot is very photogenic if you take the boat to the base, then take the cable car up to the top -

    From the cable car, you'll be able to see Fuji-san as well (much better view than Takao-san, but different vibe.

    Omiya is now becoming a pretty cool destination. Many younger folks are moving there because its a little cheaper and not too far from Tokyo.

    - Hikawa Shrine and the very long road that leads to it - 4 Torii gates, very chill.

    - Bonsai Museum and the surrounding neighborhood (very ritzy houses and mixture of small bonsai growers)

    is nice as well, but the main street gets mad busy these days.
    - Hit the kitain temple
    - check out the main street, but also float around on the side streets.

    NARA rather than Kyoto
    Kyoto is insane with tourists now... Nara can be, but it's way more chill. Little deer walking around everywhere and the temples have a real Miyazaki anime vibe...

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