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    Global Population by Region From 1950 to 2100 (projection)

    - as we can see, Africa will be the next thing, followed by Asia (mostly India getting overpopulated and China), btw Russia is included in Europe in most of these charts, as Europe will continue to decline from low natality but as we approach 2100 we will be close to 13 billion (from other sources) and not just 11 billion as this chart is telling. That's too much for our planet to handle and we will be surely forced to expand outside.

    - this is the most important chart to follow in the coming decades, as geopolitics is closely tied to population surge in various regions.

    - US and China are already trying to influence African affairs, Russia not so much and they will be very much less relevant in the following decades. Russia has nothing to offer besides resources like gas to Europe, but on a global scale, they will be irrelevant in the coming decades.

    - we will have to start preparing to export to Africa on a mass scale, using English/French languages (colonies), Swahili and other local languages as base for our products. These people in these countries are jumping from almost stone age societies to 20-21st century tech - from hunting with spears to using smartphones in a few generations and they will be the next customers in the economics of World 2050 and beyond

    • Africa is going bust a lot of nuts.utopian
    • It’s not a chart it’s a prediction. Africa is not very hospitable and getting worse with global warming. No way the population triples theremonospaced
    • Wrong, wrong, the Asians start moving to other countries...robotron3k
    • At least we won't be there to witness it - we're already into our 30's...grafician

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