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    At the beginning, my first reaction was the idea was very derivative of ACC and Space Odyssey, with a dash of the time lost from the Interstellar and Alien films.

    However, the concept of the soul and the fact that machines could not trigger the Even is interesting. More intriguing is the concept of a VA for astronauts suffering from time-loss and gained consciousness. I think this is the strongest element of your story.

    Constructive criticism time:

    I'm going to venture a guess that you're ESL? I'd suggest getting an editor to clean up your pitch, as it is a bit wordy and there are a few typos scattered about.

    Good luck, sounds like an interesting project.

    • The whole "signal from space" was so overused by so many that i tried to stay away from it and only use it as a trigger point. So than you for pointing out...pr2
    • ...that for you it still stays in that reals. This helps!pr2
    • Not a problem. Any other questions are welcome.garbage

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