Is anyone here an eligible US voter who doesn't vote in federal elections?

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    Why would i vote in a federal election? i don't live in a confederacy? If either president wanted my vote, i would have received numerous unsolicited phone calls informing me of all the great things each would do and the other would not.

    There's no need for me to take part in an election when I've already been sent 27 advance voter registrations and 13 sample ballots to ensure I know what I'm doing. Things are in good hands with all of this support and instruction. There is no need for me to contribute to long lines while risking social distancing infractions.

    I will just stay at home reading twitter and watching Fox news. Then, when something doesn't go my way in the future, or offends my narrow minded, uninformed perception, I can complain the system is rigged and say my vote doesn't matter anyway.

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