Is anyone here an eligible US voter who doesn't vote in federal elections?

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  • shapesalad0

    If you couldn't vote, and you lived under a dictatorship, imagine how much you'd want to vote and have a say.

    For those that have that right... think of those that don't before you throw it away.

    And... think of those that died so you and others could have that right.

    • Even if you feel it's pointless, do for those that can't.shapesalad
    • Don't tread on me.palimpsest
    • That's like telling a child to eat all his food because of the starving children. The extra food in his stomach will help those children in no way.palimpsest
    • You just end up with a cunt that consumes everything because it's available to him regardless of his needs.palimpsest
    • One of the benefits of living in a modern democracy is having the right to not vote, those that don't feel the need to should use that right.palimpsest
    • There are some countries where you are fined if you don't vote, it doesn't result in less corrupt or more representative systems.palimpsest

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