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  • shapesalad3

    Create an incredibly well designed crypto coin trading platform.

    Beautiful typography, ui, ux, across all platforms. Totally reimagined charting tools. Hire the worlds most expensive and talented UX/UI designers.

    Charge 0.01% on transactions.


    Basically provide very nice shovels for the gold rush.

    • I'm looking for a platform to trade on, Binance is fugly. Bitpanda is limiting and childish. Nothing professional + stylish.shapesalad
    • phemex?uan
    • < this.inteliboy
    • They are all missing the convenience of an on chart buy and sell orders like in Metatrader. I still sometimes use MT for crypto purchases for this reasonBeeswax
    • entering values, especially crypto with tons of digits is very risky. AN on chart buy sell will fix all these problemsBeeswax
    • You can workaround this problem if Tradingview API is supported by your exchange but not sure how well it works.Beeswax

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