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  • _niko0

    could be resilience after watching their snowflake parents melt-down during the lockdowns.

    Also totally wired and interconnected to a global circle of (digital) friends.

    • what is like intentionally being an asshole against betterment? I mean, I'm an asshole, but only toward idiots like yourself.imbecile
    • ? Que ? not sure what you think I’m saying. Also if it wasn’t for us assholes yada yada you little shits etc etc_niko
    • You don’t think snowflake parents is a rude and unnecessary comment?imbecile
    • Your judgment and statements like that will hopefully be gone by the time this generation comes around.imbecile
    • I have kids in this bracket and this is what I see with our friends and peers and the world as a whole. The kids are fine and resilient the parents not so much_niko
    • Awesome impersonation imbecile.cannonball1978
    • We bitch and complain about the mental health of kids having to do online learning and be home all day but the kids love it, they thrive in this environment_niko
    • It’s the parents that have issues with the kids being hone all day. So yeah parents are snowflakes and these kids are tough_niko
    • anecdotally it sounds like you are friends/family with a lot of dickheads.inteliboy
    • Yeah but not just them, it’s all the Karen’s and the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorist out there_niko

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