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    I hate to sound like a narc but Wanda should have been locked up. Where's the justice? Such a fantastical, Disney-like ending just ends things as awkwardly as this whole show was executed.

    That said, I was thoroughly entertained.

    • I loved the show, but the lack of culpability from Wanda after enslaving an entire city certainly displaced my immersion. Bitch, you need to be locked up.DRIFTMONKEY
    • yeah! you know?StoicLevels
    • But this is the blurred lines between hero and villain, realistically she was a villain who happened to be the protagonist. An anti-hero I guess_niko
    • Yeah sure but the finale felt anticlimactic... They just let her goStoicLevels
    • There should at least be some kind if realistic closure, like a night in jailStoicLevels
    • Anywhoo, it's fine.StoicLevels

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