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    My tabloid-triggered retrospective of Woody Allen films ongoing, I viewed 'Whatever Works' last night. Seeing Larry David try to act is slightly cringey but he delivers a few laughs. This is Woody Allen's dialogue at it's most cynical and grumpy and I can't say I can't relate with it at times. After watching Woody's films again after a long hiatus I think I can understand with my feminist acquiantances when they say that his stuff has an aire of mysogyny to it. He tends to write from the perspective of the male and you can't really fault him for that, he is a male. And perhaps a sicko perv, allegedly with Whatever Works containing plenty of shots of a beautiful young Evan Wood in her underwear. A joy to shoot, surely... but Allen's writing does delve deeper than the usual shallow Hollywood flair. Sicko mysogynist or not...his work is a notch above the norm. Whatever Works is sweet movie that oozes honey from a pit of universal despair and it comes together succesfully.

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