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  • scarabin5

    Bad: my giant broccoli plants, with leaves bigger than your head, produced only a golf-ball-sized cluster of flower each. they were planted before i enriched the soil earlier in the year so i guess it makes sense.

    Good: i sauteed and ate some of those leaves out of spite and they're DELICIOUS. i don't get why they just throw out this part of the plant...

    • Like with all the veggies, leaves are fantastic with a bit of preparation...OBBTKN
    • My theiving youngest daughter always eats broccoli leaves when we go to the supermarketsausages
    • Omg that’s cutescarabin
    • Just don’t eat tomato leaves :)_niko
    • Broccoli, kale,Brussels sprouts,cauliflower... are all varieties of the same plant created by selective human breeding.epigraph
    • Broccoli is a son' bitch my man; we gave up on it this past year / same deal.ideaist

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