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    Clip Studio is definitely worth trying. Built from the ground up to be an illustration / comicbook application - it can simulate numerous paint styles and is hugely popular because of its price (regular sales) and feature set - including importing 3D and turning it into line art, a figure posing tool, and page layout options. The number of brushes and additional tools available is bananas - it has a massive community behind it.

    The interface is a little ~esoteric~ but totally customisable and the latest version allows you to
    fully import Ps brushes - although some might need tweaking to get the same results or effects.

    I like it a lot as the drawing 'feel' is excellent (thanks largely to it still using WinTab and not shitty shitty shitty Windows Ink) but I stick with a WinTab-enabled Ps because of various workflow and QoL kinks - mostly keyboard modifiers that are unavailable in Clip Studio. If they fix those I would probably move over 100% as I have got my brushes working pretty well.

    • Never heard of this but after some digging it’s quite robust and impressive going to try it_niko

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