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    Thanks for the link to this software.
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    This metahuman approach you suggest sounds the most feasible for me. Having a software do the lighting part for me and I retouch a little here and there in Photoshop to match some things better.

    I assume, I won't be good enough to create something that would be ready for printing, but it would be ok for me, if I could at least produce a little photo set in picture sizes like 600x900px for my website.

    The pandemic will probably take until mid of 2022, so I need to do something not to get forgotten.

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    Highly interesting, thank you!

    I have watched a YouTube video about the silver ball a few weeks ago, unfortunately I cannot find it anymore, so I guess I have told YouTube not to display videos from this channel anymore (my own fault).

    It was interesting to see how they utilize this ball. When you're not in this business this is pretty amazing to watch.

    The textures look amazing, too.

    After all, you convinced me that my challenge is a bit too high and that I won't be able to do it. But at least, I can write a blog article about it and about the 'Uncanny Valley'.

    Thanks for the great contributions and help, guys!

    • nice, you can sign up to early access for metahuman creator here: https://www.unrealen…kingsteven
    • unreal have said they want to get everyone access but as its a web app they are buffering access so it new users don't overload the serverskingsteven
    • the further you go down this route you will need to learn modelling software but it takes a few weeks in Blender just to get the basic key commands downkingsteven
    • i think you could find unreal easier for this purpose and you can fall back on photoshop skills to fill the gaps. will report back if i get accesskingsteven
    • I saw there were some exported meta-humans added to quixel bridge if you want to jump in now.kingsteven
    • Today I bought a female model for Blender and experimented a bit. I was able to undress her, but that was about it. It is way too complex for me.SimonFFM
    • its definitely worth spending a few days just learning the movement key commands, snapping the cursor to origin/ objects, switching between orthographic andkingsteven
    • perspective views. once you can control the viewport it gets a hell of a lot easier.kingsteven
    • 3d is a steep steep STEEP learning curve, and very technical. It is also undoubtedly the future for commercial imaging. Look at automotive.monNom
    • It's just so much cheaper to produce an image in software than to go on location with a crew and equipment.monNom
    • and as the tools continue to improve, it's going to eat everyone's lunch. Now is a good time to dive in.monNom
    • ^ this is why I had the idea to be the first to be able to offer this with nudes. But hell, the learning curve is steeper than I could imagine...SimonFFM

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