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    Australia has banned Australian citizens currently in India, from returning home...probably until mid month at the earliest.

    I'm really conflicted on this one.

    Absolutely horrid if you're an Australian and in India. No doubt you'd want to come home and you'd expect your home country to make every effort for that to happen.

    Having said that, our quarantine systems here have proven to be fragile to say the least...and in a country with effectively zero COVID, do we risk another wave just to get a few thousand people home?

    I hate ScoMo as much as anyone...but I don't envy anyone having to make the decision. Because sure as fuck, if they do bring them home and there's an outbreak, there will be hell to pay.

    • What idiot would travel to a country with Covid-19 running buck wild for months now, then expect to fly home to their country? - A Covidiot would.utopian
    • They should be allowed to quarantineinstrmntl
    • People went for many reasons. Some for frivolous things like weddings, others to see & care for elderly family. It’s not so simple.nb
    • This wouldn’t be an issue if the federal gov had sorted quarantine. If a citizen can get home they should be provided quarantine.thumb_screws
    • I'm sorry but not sorry....we are in the middle of a global pandemic and those who choose to travel for any reason must be quarantined or banned, period.utopian
    • +1 utopianGuyFawkes

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