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  • elahon7

    Ok, I'm actually really looking forward to this. I've always enjoyed the BF gameplay.

    • oh yeah! been on COD since the last 2 BF's, hope this one resembles BF3-BF4GuyFawkes
    • I liked BF way more. when my son was younger he told to me that all the kids play CoD, and all the dad's play BFGnash
    • ^yup
      back in bf3 & bf4 days, COD was a bunch of kids trolling the mics, meanwhile Battlefield, I felt like i was playing with navy seals or swat or sum
    • ^^ Yes to all of this. I never played squads or anything, just solo, but the maps and gameplay of BF3 and 4 were so much fun.elahon
    • just when i thought i was out... ripsaw tank on icekingsteven
    • I still remember sniping from our base to their bases jet in BF3, as soon as they get in that jet, BAM! DEAD!GuyFawkes
    • Comically over the top but looks fucking great. Can't wait.NBQ00
    • Oh fuck it's only multi player. No campaign mode. Better be good…NBQ00
    • probably my fav PC game of all time... looking forward to this onePonyBoy
    • Motley Crue sounding like late AFI ... lololnb
    • looks fun as fuk - as if the developers are just trolling "yeah... look what we made"inteliboy
    • No campaign?? That was the best part!Projectile
    • Battle mode is just so much getting sniped by some asshat, no clue where it came from
      (last 2 versions)
    • no battle royal mode is a wack decisionmilfhunter
    • Ya Ya Ya YaDRdisrespect

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