Signs your getting old?

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  • scarabin10

    Some of us only have 15-20 years of quality living left. That shit ever freak you out?

    I bought a hammer the other day and thought “this is the last hammer i’m ever going to buy” and it straight killed my mood

    • lol felt the same when i bought a bunch of safety razors online. I'm never going to finish these_niko
    • Jesus man, quit bumming me out!nocomply
    • But come to think of it. I own 2 hammers. I'll probably never buy another one in my lifetime. Fuck!nocomply
    • I'm ok with it, the years so far have been interesting and rewarding, but also challenging. I'll try to prolong those 20 years left to 30-35 though.uan
    • LOL man fuck you for reminding us we're oldrenderedred
    • I don't feel like I've got that much, honestly. I might live 30+ more years, but it won't be the same as the last 30.formed
    • Yeah, it freaks me out. I think more about the 'last place I'll buy for a home", though, or "where will I end up".formed
    • Just buy another hammer tomorrow ;P

      But I feel ya.. im turning 40 on Saturday. yikes.
    • That's dark, buddy! I get it though.MondoMorphic
    • Had the same thoughts. But a friend of mine said to me: "C'mon, if we die now, we certainly had a good life, didn't we?"SimonFFM
    • fuck this.. I'm going to buy a hammer every week from now on..dee-dubs
    • Shit, I keep making wooden mallets, some I may never even use. I look at that as my son will have some nice stuff when I'm gone.lemmy_k
    • I have a TON of cool shit and one hammer and it’s all going into the bin when i diescarabin
    • I'm in my mid 30s and have already been on the "I've had a good run" train for a while now. I never wanted to live past 30.garbage
    • Life is better without dread. And look on the bright side: you could always lose the hammer and have to get a new one.garbage
    • buy a hammer a week... secret to immortality.jonny_quest_lives
    • https://www.spriters…garbage
    • We've cracked the code.garbage
    • Fuck. I just bought loads of this cocaine. I'm never going finish all of it.wagshaft
    • This is why you have kids. We made a compromise with nature that we can make clones of ourselves, but we have to share them with someone else, so 50% of youdrgs
    • lives on, and you put all effort, all resources and hammers into them, which they will inherit, and its the only thing which cures existential anxietydrgs
    • Until they find some proper life-extending technology sometime in 2050drgs
    • No hammer time jokes here? I'm disappointed, QBNChimp
    • You were how many years old before buying a hammer??emphor

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