UK is Fucked

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  • shapesalad1
    • It's hot out there. I can't imagine how terrified Turkish wife must've been, seeing how quickly that escalated. Her man certainly didn't helpNairn
    • but that pathetic shitstain who did that weak-ass sucker punch needs to be arrested, as did his friend who tried hitting with a bottle at the end.Nairn
    • *as does.

      terrifying though. so many brutes.
    • Ah, I didn't notice that ginger bottled dude swang a punch too. Fuck 'em all. 'Turkish' dude over-reacted, but I can totally imagine why.Nairn
    • K, i'm getting a bit too into this, but I'm now entirely on Burgundy guy's side. Poor bastard. Also, lol at nitrous balloon, jesus.Nairn
    • i really don't know why i let myself watch things like this. makes me sick to my stomachhardhat
    • "oooh, a ruck? Let me just have a quick toot on this tranquilizer.." *phweep*
      *falls on floor, giggling*
    • I normally dislike fighting videos - all that worldstars or whatever bullshit. This was an interesting dissection of a situation gone south, very quickly.Nairn
    • insanityneverscared
    • All because folk like those ratty little dogs that bark at anything. Just skipped through. Looked depressingPhanLo
    • i would have kept walking if it was my dog.... a quick sorry and walk on, even if it wasn't my fault... just the look of those dudes is enough for me to walk onshapesalad
    • but the ginger guy deserved it for throwing a sucker punch after the low brain cell count guy threw first punch.shapesalad
    • the guy smoking/drinking in the grey hoodie... goes from chilling, comforting some chick, kicking the poor guying inthe head within 20 seconds...shapesalad
    • it's always there, under the skin... anger boiling, raging, ready to be vented at the first chance the odds are on their side, never when alone.shapesalad
    • I'm referring to all the people in the video...shapesalad
    • fucking south east london, so much pent up frustration and anger. the thoughtless woman (bald ginger squeeze) not watching her dog was the root cause of it all.hans_glib

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