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  • omahadesigns2

    Hippies who won't get COVID vaccinated.

    • most of my friends here in MX are those fuckers, world traveling Instagram hippies, give me shit for my v8 truck yet want rides in it...GuyFawkes
    • dont want to leave a footprint on this planet yet spread the fuck out of covid, i can go on and onGuyFawkes
    • fun people, I just just take them seriouslyGuyFawkes
    • *dontGuyFawkes
    • I've spent most of my adult life living in a venn diagram where hippies overlap a domain, and they're the same vain hypocrite cunts everywhereNairn
    • yupGuyFawkes
    • Yup, like "Ian, you're destroying the planet" yet always call me when they finally get their cheap apple products or their 5th bluetooth speaker because...Ianbolton
    • the other 4 were cheap as fuck and broke. They don't look after anything they own and they have no idea how to use anything therefore it's treated like shitIanbolton
    • Same here. Antisocial guys who don't put on the mask, eco-friendly idiots that are spreading the virus all over their families and neighbors...OBBTKN
    • They're fun for a pair of beers, but little else :[OBBTKN
    • "why do you work so much? are you happy with all your material possessions? btw can I borrow that?"GuyFawkes
    • "why do you need such a big house? btw when I go travel to this other awesome destination can I store all my things (trash) at your house?"GuyFawkes
    • More please, I enjoy being enraged vicariously.kalkal
    • lol kalkalNairn
    • I hope no one here thinks hippies are more likely to be anti-vaxers.CyBrainX
    • ^ In my area, they are.pango
    • Yup here tooGuyFawkes

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