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  • drgs28

    • lolsrhadden
    • lolsted
    • HATE HATEkalkal
    • Figma homepagemort_
    • I don't mind the design, the colours make me want to vomit.kalkal
    • It’s become stale very quicklyChimp
    • it was cool for like seven minutes, but then it got PINSTADRIBBBLEGRAMME... to death.showpony
    • https://i.redd.it/er…milfhunter
    • I'm indifferentutopian
    • that's a terrible example, but what's the alternative? these are quick to create/animate and can be lightweight SVGs for use online – very effective.scruffics
    • doubt many clients will want to shell out for anything more elaboratescruffics
    • This style all dates back to Facebook's Alegria illustration style...then every tech company copied it and now it's everywhere:BaskerviIle
    • https://buck.co/work…BaskerviIle
    • The hands are too big. Load of shite.Fax_Benson
    • Well...goodluck getting clients to pay/use anything else. firstly they need vector as Brian in Accounts - his nephew gonna change colours etc.shapesalad
    • They want to print it big later this year for that event, so need vectors, will ask the motion team to animate it, need vectors.shapesalad
    • so as much as you may want a load of textures, paint brush stuff, more than 4 colours... forget it.shapesalad
    • Realistic photo like stuff won't convey the abstract business term, anything more cartoony is childish, so editorial / friendly / diverse / playful is the way.shapesalad
    • Also their budget is tiny and they think it takes 1 hours to do it all.shapesalad
    • https://www.thumbtac…instrmntl
    • Young UI designers think that things MUST look that way. Vommaquito
    • Styles change I suppose. Not really what I like but a lot of folk coming up draw and paint like that.PhanLo
    • Isn't there a diversity angle with this stuff too? Avoiding the pitfalls of it ie. simplified and purple means you don't prescribe colour, gender etc??MrT
    • Is this a Picasso?GuyFawkes
    • I had to design in this style for 7 months for FB. depressingBeeswax
    • @guyfawkes Picasso nails it! maybe Picasso on a bad trip.api
    • its called flat-geometric, fuck those fantasy names.sted
    • Andrew Sloan and Mike Merrill calls it corp fucktis.
    • I don't hate it as much as some other styles :-)Calderone2000
    • this isn't corporate memphis, lolmonospaced
    • “Thou shalt not stop liking a band just because they have become popular”Chimp
    • Ooh, it's been a while since i listened to that. Putting on now, thanks!Nairn
    • You guys suck at design lol
      This is in fact the same style as "corporate memphis" pretty much started by Facebook a few years ago.
    • @shapesalad you can recreate this style very easily in Affinity Designers with vector brushes and textures so no biggie.grafician
    • Do you know what Memphis is?
      Go Google. Have a look. Then come back and let us know how much we suck at design compared to you.
    • @Nairn https://t-artmagazin…grafician
    • Remember me not to ever ask QBN for design advice lol
      You guys are dinosaurs
      Also except a few talented boys, the rest are under water from a creative pov
    • https://www.are.na/c…grafician
    • Anyway, this style is old news, the latest "trend" is 3D illustrations...grafician
    • lol, telling career designers they suck at design? you don't know shit about usmonospaced
    • I actually know all about corporate memphis style design, and have had dinner with its pioneers. IN MEMPHIS. Tell me I'm wrong again.monospaced
    • @mono the name is not derived from Memphis the city in the US you idiot
      but by the 80s post-modernist movement lol
    • it practically means "colorful flat design" and it's easy to use for corporate to express "diversity"grafician
    • When this style is over and it's pretty much over, a tone of illustrators will go hungry as I see them using it exclusively in their foliosgrafician
    • I know all about it dude.monospaced
    • Why do you feel the need to mansplain things that people already know, and probably better than you? I know those designers from the 80s assholemonospaced
    • And of course it has roots in Memphis. The city in the US. you ever been there?monospaced
    • Stop calling people idiots. It’s unnecessary and makes you seem like a mean dick.monospaced
    • By the way. I’m totally fucking with you. Mostly because you just googled it and pasted what you found word for word. Lol. I hope you caught that.monospaced

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