Afghanistan is Fucked

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  • Nairn1

    So I've said it before - "It's China's problem now".

    But I've just realised something fundamentally different between China and all relevant Western countries. Something *incredibly* obvious, but I'd never thought about before...

    Chinese, especially Han Chinese, are known for being massively homogenous. So? This makes it really fucking difficult for non-Han terrorists to operate domestically within China.

    In the West, terrorists can blend into ethnic minorities and operate without much notice. Much harder to pull this off when no cunt looks like you.

    The only relief I see in all this is thta pretty much every other cunt in Asia is heavily side-eying China and has no love for their ascendancy.

    Perhaps it wouldn't be a terrible thing for the West/NATO/etc to just sack it off for a couple of decades. Put all that cash into healthcare and education instead... .

    • it's such a shame we didn't manage to integrate Russia back in the 90s.
      We really fucked up there. REALLY.
    • hmmm maybe that's why china put up concentration camp for Muslims. All for this.pango

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