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  • Ramanisky20

    • pr2.. robotaint.. whatever your current screen name is... your comment please.mathinc
    • pr2's math:…
    • read CDC papers kids. 1/3 of Americans had covid. no wonder you guys have hard time understanding basic stats if u get your science from a kid on tiktok.pr2
    • math's that how it work.utopian
    • Un-Vaxxed Covidiots
      • 1 in 8 chance of catching Covid
      • 1 in 61 chance of dying from Covid
    • Full-Vaxxed
      • 1 in 13,402 chance of catching Covid
      • 1 in 86,500 chance of dying from Covid
    • utopian - hahahahaha - more like 1 in 1500 is your chance of dying. CDC works overtime to give us the real numbers but people still chose to listen to tiktok...pr2
    • this covid thing really taught me that most people's attachment to reality is feeble at most.pr2
    • talking about being detached from realityutopian
    • HAPPY husband lolAQUTE
    • Id ask you to provide some links to back up your points, but remembered you just ask me to research it for yourobotinc
    • i just love angry smart girls :)sted
    • this girl would fail her 3rd grade math class and people call it smart... some world we live in.pr2
    • The girl who failed 3rd grade math, did basic 2nd grade math to come up with the correct answer.utopian

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