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  • shapesalad5

    I had an idea for a side hustle the weekend after I amicably left a job back in May.

    7 months of weekends and evenings chipping away at it. Learning lots of new things. Late nights workings and feeling super tired after a days work.... a few helpful answers from QBN... after launching a few weeks ago - today I made my first sale.

    • What is it? Sorry if I missed a post somewhere else, but congrats anyway!_niko
    • Revealing it would give away my identity. But suffice to say you can’t do it if all you do after work is watch Netflix.shapesalad
    • Congrats... but watching Netflix is how I unwind from a day of stomping out endless fires in my tediously bland job that helps keep a roof over my head.jonny_quest_lives
    • Was it a physical IRL sale or online sale? Does ur job involve computer code?? Give us a hint!cherub
    • Onlyfans?nb
    • its an online store selling original designed prints. niche theme and sector.shapesalad
    • @jonny_quest_lives I get it, I used to be the same.. but wasn't seeing any progress in my life so tried to cut the passive unwinding and turn it into...shapesalad
    • unwinding doing something that hopefully will get me out of the day job sooner.shapesalad
    • Congrats! May you have many more Netflix free evenings working for yourself! Nothing better than having someone give you money for your idea.lemmy_k
    • Congrats manGuyFawkes
    • That's cool shapesalad. I have a friend who sells custom wallpaper and prints on etsy. It's a good hustle for him.cherub
    • Awesome! Post some maybe...?formed
    • if anyone's interested in shapesalad's secret identity, here he is:…_niko
    • heheshapesalad
    • good stuff. here's to more sales.Brabo_Brabo
    • careful, don't make too much money or you might find yourself with leisure timescarabin

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