Sacramento Mardi Gras (feedback requested)

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  • BaskerviIle3

    Just read through this thread from page 1. Kind of surprised where this ended up.
    I'd encourage you to list out the elements on your poster and rank them in order of hierarchy/importance.
    I feel like the date/location is pretty recessive here and the illustration far too dominant.

    Currently your hierarchy looks like:
    1. Illustration
    2. Title
    3. A Sacramento mardi gras event
    4. Date
    5. Location
    Is that what you think is right?

    Have a look at some other event posters for reference. What do they have in common that works well?

    ps, I see that Curiosity Collaborative logo ;)
    6. Partner logos

    • Tell me to eff off, but I did a couple of quick experiments. Might be worth exploring some more 'mardi gras' fonts:…
    • idk what best practice is, but I like how explosive and eye-grabbing this design is. it builds interest, and folks will look for the details.sarahfailin
    • I did consider more Mardi Gras fonts, but I like that this is unorthodox. Not your mama's Mardi Grassarahfailin
    • Go for it!BaskerviIle
    • those top 2 two fonts are nice baskacherub
    • styles for miles, nice work!aliastime

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