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  • grafician-3

    While some of us post relevant and insightful stuff around here, sted posts weird, unrelated and embarrassing posts - altogether cringe content

    Because that's who he is - the Cringe Queen of QBN!

    • Ah yes ladies and gentlemen you can find this cringe content from sted in here:
    • He also upvotes his own posts from time to time so the content screenshoted might not be accurate to the minute, but rest assured, the embarrassment is there.grafician
    • That's a friend with Branson, I haven't looked at that post for weeks. Idk how this comes up now after you're obliviously got a nervous breakdown again.sted
    • I don't care about up/down votes, they are turned off. If it wasn't obvious from my screenshots posted about the your rants.sted
    • -thested
    • -thested
    • this post wasn't unrelated or embarrassing though. It's Branson in the space is the place thread, no?monospaced
    • Yeah :)sted

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