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  • Krassy5

    Madonna reveals fully nude NFTs — and a shocking 3D model of her vagina


    • i just threw up in my own mouthYakuZoku
    • good luck to her, i hope she scams the shit out of the broshans_glib
    • what the cryptobros have been waiting forKrassy
    • Sigh.
      I give up.
      Humans are fucking plonkers.
    • wtf Continuity we do this shit since
      the first of us was fucked to this planet.
      entertainment to the the extreme.
    • boring crap.
      can't see anything shocking about it.
    • looks like one of those shitty sex games you see ads for all the timescarabin
    • hehh, exactly i'm still trying to remember whats the name of that niche. it has that nice real-doll look, i wonder if they had an actual reference of her body.sted
    • Isn't she like 70 now or something?mort_
    • deleted scene from WALL·E?sarahfailin
    • Never been so close to the uncanny valleyApeRobot
    • Who create these poorly rendered bimbo renderings?utopian
    • @Utopian Beeple obviously lol.
      Kitbashed madness
    • Whats growing out of her noo noo? Is that a pussywillow or a noble fir?Akagiyama
    • As far as Madonna projects go, this isn't that bad. Not sure it's anatomically correct though.PhanLo

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