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  • scarabin11

    • Yes - if that trash can is representing my stomach.shapesalad
    • LOLYakuZoku
    • You sure? It’s sticky and smells pungentscarabin
    • Eating too much is bad for your heart apparently. I do occasionally eat it, but usually out of desperation around christmas when the better sweets are gone.PhanLo
    • Ewww
    • yum... I'll gladly eat your trash <3PonyBoy
    • LOL – how to place yourself out of scandinavia :DArchitectofFate
    • never go to Pontefract either, and I bet it was right up on your list ...MrT
    • the salty scandinavia variant is even more yum. Also teas are good too. many health benefits.shapesalad
    • Only big babies that can't cope with anything exotic in their mouths say no to liquorice. The kind of people that say things are 'too spicy'(when they mean HOT)shapesalad
    • The kinda people that don't eat liver, tripe, raw chicken liver sashimi, sea cucumber, rabbit, gizzards... you know, those picky eating pussies.shapesalad
    • The kind that don't eat a donkey burger or raw horse meat sushi.shapesalad
    • ive eaten all that you mentioned except donkey and horse. still wouldn't touch liquorice.pango
    • Come to finland, where all things licorice lives. Licorice soda, licorice yoghurt, licorice ice cream, licorice flavor condoms and so on.jagara
    • instant nausea.sted
    • Had a friend who's diet pretty much was nothing but licorice and cola. He ended up turning yellow with a kidney faillure.islandbridge
    • ... but I really love it. To me this is luxury candy.islandbridge
    • You obviously haven’t seen my hot sauce rack, SSscarabin
    • Scarabins got a huge spice rackpango

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