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  • SimonFFM7

    My wardrobe is not cocktail party ready.

    • "discuss"NBQ00
    • Mines is definitely not. Lockdown has seen a few extra inches put on around the waist. Work recently had a party at a posh location, everyone in kilts, suitsmicrokorg
    • and cocktail dresses. I had to buy a pair of black trousers from a supermarket clothes dept (cos its what dads do) a few inches larger than the past.microkorg
    • A lot of my shirts were now unwearable as too tight around the middle. One was suitable tho.microkorg
    • Shoes are my main concern. I hate shiny leather shoes but they are demanded for the event.SimonFFM
    • Shopping for formal shoes is the biggest pain in the arse there is. I fucking hate it, they all look cunty.Continuity
    • And then there's wearing the fuckers. Blisters. Achilles tendon blisters. Big bloody raw ones.
      Fuck that shit, Simon, wear a pair of Chucks.
    • Black t-shirt, black jeans, and a pair of black sneakers, and you're done! God' sake, you're an artist, fuck the dress code ;)OBBTKN
    • Shoes is the easy part. Just get something simple from Johnston & Murphy or similar. Maybe a nice leather loafer.monospaced
    • Don’t wear sneakers. Anyone wwaribn sneakers at cocktail attire is clueless and classless, and frankly comes off as a childish joke.monospaced
    • And whatever you do don’t wear jeans and a black T-shirt. You’ve got some silly and very ignorant advice here from people who clearly don’t go out as adults.monospaced
    • "go out as adults" - LOL what conformist Kool-Aid have you been drinking?mort_
    • Hahaha Mono!!OBBTKN
    • wear an ironman costume...neverscared
    • wow, mocking someone for dressing appropriately, really coolmonospaced
    • He said dress shoes and cocktail attire is required for the event. And jeans with a black t-shirt and sneakers is the most conformist bullshit imaginable.monospaced
    • That is, if you're conforming with someone who cannot or will not dress appropriately and wants to be viewed as a childish artist.monospaced
    • But yeah, I drank the kool-aid. LOL.monospaced
    • fuck you all. i love a decent pair of leather lace up shoes. once worn in they're as comfortable as any shoe. and they'll go with any dress code.hans_glib
    • including beachwearhans_glib
    • https://www.toptrend… see? these guys do not look stupidhans_glib
    • muchhans_glib
    • Mono you sound like my dad. He's 80.mort_
    • Nice pair of stylish boots looks good and feels good.MHDC
    • At least your dad can go to a cocktail party dressed appropriately which clearly you can’t be arsed to do and would rather dress like a conformist hipster douchmonospaced
    • My father is in his 70s and dresses like a goddamn classy old dude any man would aspire to match.monospaced
    • I ordered leather shoes online as in the shop they didn't have them in my size. So, I'll be good. Bought a new suit as well. Finding a matching tie was easy.SimonFFM
    • @continuity If you're still in Munich and would like to meet for a coffee before I catch my train home, let me know.SimonFFM
    • Damn! When are you in town?Continuity
    • And will you be transferring at Hbf or Obf?
      (Or Pasing?)
    • Could you email me? Easier than through this public section.SimonFFM
    • Ah, I don't have your address. Stand by for a LinkedIn DM ...Continuity
    • Ah found your email. Stand by. I'm wrestling with my server.Continuity

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