Symbology of dissent

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  • Nairn2

    Shit in the fridge

    • That would be memorable!Continuity
    • All I can think of are clichés - tiananmen tank man, paint cans & stencils, anarchy symbols, flags hoisted on poles, Banksy-esque molotov hoyersNairn
    • literal shit-flinging should be used a lot more in political dissent.Nairn
    • There's those Northumbrian/ French/ Dutch/Belgian farmers who spray literal tons of farm shit at banks and official buildings.Nairn
    • I think the trick will be to actually try to identify the attributes of a dissident — courage, solidary, etc — and go from thereContinuity
    • ... rather than trying to take an on-the-nose visual interpretation of dissent.Continuity

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