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  • grafician0

    "As of NOW anyone can bring the Midjourney bot to ANY Discord server with under 1000 users
    - Invite the bot to your private server with friends!
    - Create new servers for themed MJ communities!
    - Bring MJ to your favorite Discord community (under 1000 users)
    - Anyone on any server who hasn't used MJ gets our standard ~25 query free trial
    - Anyone with Discord can login to our site and see top ranked images for inspiration https://www.midjourney.com/pub/f…

    This is all a bit risky. Please bear with us if anything blows up. It's gonna be awesome to see AI bloom across the entire Discord ecosystem

    If you bring our tech to another server you are an ambassador ❤️ and we please request you try to show off our technology in the greatest possible light and to use it to help make everyone more optimistic about the future and more empowered as creative individuals.

    For a guide on how to bring the bot to other servers go here:

    PLEASE NOTE: Right now the bot will only work in servers with 1K or less users. We're doing this out of an abundance of caution for the stability of Discord itself. As the bot spreads we will watch carefully and if everything looks okay we will try to raise the cap. Remember, our community and content policies still apply."

    • so we can have a QBN server and add a midjourney bot?grafician
    • I think they're already doing something like this on imgur. Not sure which NeuralAlgoWidget it is they're using though.Nairn
    • Added it to the OG QBN serverpalimpsest
    • i love how accessible they've made thisscarabin

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