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  • mort_5

    Don't cook chicken in NyQuil, FDA warns after TikTok challenge…

    • why not just eliminate the challengers? easy win for everyoneAQUTE
    • and who the fuck wants a skinless chicken breast anyway? might as well use quorn.
      tasteless protein is tasteless
    • Counterpoint: You can't dry-brine chicken with the skin on.garbage
    • But also I want to work for one of the troll farms that comes up with these idea. My dream job was to write for a soap opera, and those days have passed.garbage
    • It's just gone from "what's the dumbest shit we can get people to watch" to "what's the dumbest shit we can get people to do".garbage
    • This is China, purely remotely engaged in making the US unproductive. And it works.stewart
    • It's amazing that TikTok hasn't been banned yet, like China has banned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many, many more.stewart
    • Why is this a challenge?drgs
    • Because it says so on the tin.garbage
    • If you need telling not to do this, you should probably do it.MrT
    • 1. not a challenge. 2. it's two years old. 3. media sensationalized the FDA consumer updateimbecile

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