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  • doggydoggdog-6

    I really do not like one of my coworkers.

    She's in a different department so we don't really have to work together, but she's friends with someone I collaborate with and she comes over to our area a lot.

    They always have the most inane conversations, mostly about her sex life and relationship drama (which is never detailed), which is always basic convo about how some guy is dumb.

    It's really starting to get to me. How do I ignore them?

    • Headphones?mort_
    • 'Hell is other people' - John Paul Sartre. Perhaps you could join in their conversations enthusiastically and derail them. They are likely to take them...Morning_star
    • ...elsewhere. Failing that, just tell them to STFU.Morning_star
    • Sleep with her.shapesalad
    • yeah pick her up, fuck her nice or at least try and if you fail, try harder, she will keep a proper distance.sted
    • Start laughing at odd moments during their conversation - clearly in relation to it, but at points that shouldn't in any sane sense merit the laugh.Nairn
    • Ever time she comes over, play the hit song 'Party time', by The Northern Boysshapesalad
    • yell at them: "We're here for working and doin' lotsa money... go back to werk and stop talking about your pussy!!"OBBTKN
    • I seriously need to start composing songs...OBBTKN
    • I think this is a strategy to get you.oey_oey
    • shape, sted ... come on lads. This isn't NBQ00 who posted ...

    • that dumb guy she sleeps with... is you?drgs
    • women are invasive nosey cunts, and keep doing things you don't like.pinkfloyd
    • i bet she's also very controlling and on medspinkfloyd
    • Ooh look, Chud Incelington turned up.Nairn
    • wow... that escalated.shapesalad
    • what i wanted to say is that be nice to her instead of being a judgemental condescending cunt hehh. go over to her department and make friends with some of thested
    • people close to her cubicle/desk.sted
    • i'm just glad i'm not married to a fat cowpinkfloyd
    • poop your pantsmilfhunter
    • What a bunch of misogynistic, ignorant, rednecks in this thread.canoe

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