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  • HijoDMaite7

    • These Pooh movies are getting real edgyscarabin
    • starring ray liotta as the voice of the bear?sarahfailin
    • ...wait. Ray Liotta's final film is about Pablo Escabear? This is the weirdest fucking timeline.garbage
    • Spoiler: IRL a failed drug drop ended with a black bear eating $15,000,000 dollars worth of coke. Stoked.garbage
    • That bear knows how to party.cherub
    • how can you stretch this story out into a full length movie? should be a 4 min short.Krassy
    • ^ There's way more to it. The real life guy that dropped the drugs also botched his parachute exit.garbage
    • I'm sure there will be pre-story. There was a drug smuggling ring in Kentucky run by a prep school kid / lawyer that ended up falling out of the plane..garbage
    • ..and landing in somebody's driveway in body armor and fancy clothes. I'm guessing it will cover his operation, "The Company".garbage
    • Or it could just be a full-length about what happens when Yogi eats a massive amount of coke. I'd watch that too.garbage
    • ok, I'll watchKrassy

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