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  • spl33nidoru1

    I'm looking for a standalone groovebox to make low-fi demos on that will later be entirely redone elsewhere, in the genre of Air's Moon Safari. More low-fi jazz than pure electro.
    Up to $1k.

    I need a sampling function and great sounding synths to avoid having to connect more gear to it, also need a song mode.
    Don't necessarily need midi out, will not be connecting it to a computer.

    The key being for it to be intuitive and fun to use.
    I've had an MPC One and hated its UI though it's without a doubt one of the best machines out there.
    Was considering the MC-707 but no song mode, seemed perfect otherwise.

    Right now it looks like my sweet spot would be between the Roland MV-1 (despite its tiny screen) and NI Maschine +
    I haven't looked too deeply into it yet but the Maschine + button setup and interface might be the most logical to me.

    Would love some recommendations or opinions on these.

    • An iPad + keyboard & knob controllers. Infinite apps/instruments/eff...
      Korg Module (for mobile) is astounding and def some good lofi jazz keys!
    • There are apps that work like Live/Maschine song/jam modes.microkorg
    • iPad
      Faderfox EC4 (displays params)
      USB Midi Keyboard
      WIN! ;)
    • Ah.. hadn't considered an ipad at all, and I have a pro haha! I liked the idea of a dedicated machine but I'll check Module and will think about it!spl33nidoru
    • Used OP-1 could do all that. Perfect for kicking stems out to be redone elsewhere. Quirky UI thouletterhead
    • SP404MK2 is great & tons of fun. Sample synths from the iPad and it becomes an all-in-one grooveboxletterhead
    • I had my eyes on the SP404 at some point but got into Koala on ios and realised I didn't want to rely so much on external sources. Good one though!spl33nidoru
    • Mate, post the results when you settle on something!

      <3 Air. And their ilk.
    • Will do!spl33nidoru
    • sounds like you are describing and OP-1autoflavour
    • ^ I should check its synth engines, always assumed it was sonically closer to a digitakt kind of vibe.spl33nidoru
    • hmmmm. digitakt is a sampler so it will play back whatever you load it.. OP-1 doesn't really sound like many other synths in a wayautoflavour
    • https://synthstrom.c…sandbag
    • Right auto, I meant Digitone.
      sandbag, I was checking the Deluge last night, too many good options I don't know how to choose anymore, this will not end well !
    • After further research I decided to go with the MV-1 despite its shortcomings. Cheaper all-in-one, great sound engine, so-so sampler but will do the jobspl33nidoru
    • And I can use my ipad as ext display to make things easier.
      Thanks for your inputs! This guy finished convincing me.…
    • ps microkorg and letterhead : Korg Module is def worth integrating through the iPad, and a SP might come in handy later to compensate for MV1' sampling weaknessspl33nidoru

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