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    So much butthurt and confusion out there about Netflix’s new efforts to stop password sharing. The consensus interpretation seems to be “I’m losing Netflix [that I don’t pay for] because they’re applying new restrictions on the people I get my password from [friends, family] and I don’t understand that those passwords are meant to be used by those people on their own devices [tv, phone, tablets, computers] or when away from their homes temporarily [vacation rentals, visiting family] and I’m MAD [despite not once seeing things from a business perspective where Netflix is trying to reduce literal theft that impacts their revenue].”

    As JT says, cry me a river...

    • So far they’ve made no efforts to stop it nor have they officially announced any to US subscribers.monospaced
    • It’s not an interpretation confusion. People understand, they just don’t think it is right to assume sharing is automatically account stealing and not travel.monospaced
    • They announced details yesterday: https://finance.yaho…mg33
    • How isn't sharing account stealing when person B living 1,000 miles from person A who pays for the account, gets it for free?mg33
    • It prevents the business from acquiring $ they would otherwise get if person B paid for an account like they should be doing.
    • some married and unmarried households have long distance relationships due to work. Not all households live under one roof, especially if you have a 2nd home.PioneerDJ303
    • The only reason I still had an account was because I shared it with elderly family who watched it almost never. That was the lock-in.monNom
    • So bye bye Netflix. Haven’t missed it once.monNom
    • So, they didn't announce anything for US customers. That's just for Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.monospaced
    • I'm not saying it's not "stealing" but it's gonna be hard to prove that someone else isn't someone from my household also.monospaced
    • Even in South America it's just a trial. They've announced nothing to any US subscribers, nor have they made any effort in any capacity to stop it.monospaced
    • That “Cry me a river” reference is old enough to drinkscarabin
    • https://bleedingcool…pockets
    • 1. They say they'll do this every two years.
      2. Literally nothing added in Feb is worth watching.
    • https://www3.6movies…
    • WinMX was the SHITrobthelad

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