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  • Ramanisky219

    From Reddit
    Landscape photography of New York City in

    landscape photo of people in a New York club in 1985, 35mm photo, Kodak photography, Canon Eos 2000 --ar 18:9

    Some of these are incredible

    • i guess New York street photography wasn't incredible until image generation software came along...jonny_quest_lives
    • a new era in pixel simulacrum in which we debase the work of photographers who took the effort to go out and document life on the streets.jonny_quest_lives
    • caught moments of humans interacting with each other and the world are no longer relevant when you can text to image low tier emulationsjonny_quest_lives
    • Is this a real part of NY?
    • Too many folk. *partridge shrug*zardoz
    • Wow!instrmntl
    • Even digital photography is going to need a "Analog" designation. I'm honestly surprised more people here don't hate this. It's not amazing, it's terrifying.garbage
    • But I've been raving like a lunatic that everyone using this shit is just feeding a machine for years, but whatever.garbage
    • it boggles my mind that it can capture human emotion and perfect gazes, no uncanny valley or anything...but still can't get past meat grinder hands_niko
    • Maybe the soul is not in the eyes but in the hands.palimpsest
    • I’d rather look at Bruce Davidson’s photographs than this stuffBluejam
    • Yeah Bruce Davidson and Joel Meyerowitz came to mind immediately!mort_
    • Knowing its AI, i'm looking at each one for 2s max. It's like sugary junk food or tiktok content, when you know AI made it, it's cheap, instant, throw-awayshapesalad
    • It's going to get stronger. Just add "Bruce Davidson" and it will add his library to the mix. And then the next engine will do it better.garbage
    • But what is the point? If you enjoy photography as an art form this shit is so offensive cuz it's just so fucking cringe.jonny_quest_lives
    • Melonheaded grotesque human renders in a lifeless New York thar doesn't exist. If this is the new benchmark for "incredible" count me out.jonny_quest_lives
    • Pick up the most affordable digital camera you can go outside and take some photos. I'd appreciate 1000x more than this generative pixel masturbation shit.jonny_quest_lives
    • I don't think you would get the same results even if you went out with an analog camera.palimpsest
    • It's funny because cameras are machines that replaced the human hand in image documentation.palimpsest

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