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    This is the alternative soundtrack I recorded for Luc Besson's movie 'Atlantis' which I have played out live at The Big Chill, The Cube in Bristol and various other venues over the years. You can now start the mix from the beginning of the credits and enjoy an alternative soundtrack at home.

    Walter Carlos : Sonic Seasonings
    Larry Heard : Microgravity
    Transient Waves : Paradise
    Syd Barrett : Terrapin
    Pole : Rondell Zwei
    Duplo Remote : Beatbox Blagger
    Scientific Support Dept : Vagrant
    Effective Force : Fish
    Fuxa : bzzz
    Third Eye Foundation : What Is It With You
    David Bowie : Moss Garden
    Dub Alchemist : Wild Strawberry
    Pink Floyd : Echoes
    Rev Corps Of Teenage Jesus : Protection Rat
    Amon Tobin : Rhino Jockey
    Funkstorung : Mobil Funk
    Broadway Project : Sea Of Changeā€¦

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