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  • utopian0

    I create all of my Powerpoint templates using Keynote and then converting them to Powerpoint. The layout, look & feel, and styling all get converted exactly into Powerpoint from Keynote. The only thing that does not work well is the animation or page transitions. The export to Powerpoint function works 100% of the time.

    I would never attempt again to create a Powerpoint template starting with Powerpoint.

    • InterestingGnash
    • Font control including: kerning, tracking is also amazingly spot on during the conversion from PPT to Keynote.utopian
    • Agreed - but it's when you get it into powerpoint that text-styles have broken - is there a fix or workaround for this?SlashPeckham
    • I personally have not observed the "text styling" breaking during conversion. Perhaps I'm not looking at the final results in PPT carefully enough?utopian
    • I haven’t made myself clear - I want to create a style sheet for the font scales before I send it round to the teamSlashPeckham

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