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  • shapesalad2

    • When you have time to spend being gender fluid, you don't have time to manage a bank...shapesalad
    • Bring your fetish to work dayi_monk
    • Think ze won woman banker of the year not that long agoGnash
    • They said women would make the world better. And we listened. We listened.palimpsest
    • Go woke, go brokecrazyprick
    • Simon beat-off materialutopian
    • i suisse what you did thereAQUTE
    • Good for them! If they are happy then who the fuck cares..hydro74
    • All the people with money in that failing bank probably care.ETM
    • you're cute.. but part of the reason was Trumps Deregulations, not because they went 'non-binary'.hydro74
    • Who the fuk cares. If anything kinda cool that they're not some normal banker bro....inteliboy
    • But they fucked up, both.sted
    • @hydro74... I think you're thinking about SVB. Credit Suisse's issues have a long history, and have little to do with USA/Trump policies.ETM
    • @ETM oh, true.. Just saw the news on the Swiss meltdownhydro74
    • Large institutions like banks, spend a lot of money + time these days on woke stuff. Weekly emails on it eating up everyone’s time. Time better spent.shapesalad
    • I don't imagine working with him is easy either, policing everything they say because he can claim any disagreement as 'phobia.i_monk
    • Lol like they got hired because of their views are trendy and fit into the woke culture. These things don't work like in the tabloid world :)))sted
    • @i_monk yeah, and results in absolutely constructive things, as we can see it.sted
    • Just because they're trans doesn't mean they won't fuck the global economy in the ass.jmckinno

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