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  • doggydoggdog-1

    How do you teach someone good taste?

    My office assistant is so smart and nice and organized but whenever he's motivated and finds references or sends inspiration, they're never right.

    • Invite him to QBN.
      We'll take good care of him.
    • I think you may need a robot assistant rather than a human.Morning_star
    • It's very hard, because it's subjective as people keep telling me.PhanLo
    • It can be learned, like machine learning. His dataset is too small and narrow.palimpsest
    • ^good analogy :-)PhanLo
    • They need to learn design, which it its core is learning how the eye moves, how certain shapes are pleasurable for the viewer (curves) how the eye movesshapesalad
    • across shapes, how colours work etc etc.. with proper understanding, you can better evaluate what is good 'inspiration' or not.shapesalad
    • At the moment your assistant is assessing thing based on arbitrary things such as past memories, or perceived technical achievements etc.shapesalad
    • You do talk some shite, shape.Nairn
    • don't let your office assistant do that type of work... Thats not her job.milfhunter
    • They would be a good product or UI/UX designer. No taste required.monospaced
    • Real recognize realcrazyprick
    • Have them travel back in time and become obsessed with design and aesthetics at a young age, and then have them dedicate their all spare time to that obsessionmonNom
    • Helps if they also have an exceptional aptitude in visio-spacial reasoning.monNom

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