Russia-Ukraine Invasion

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  • drgs5

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin…

    Let's do this

    • who gonna arrest him? sleepy joe?milfhunter
    • probably Putin is better than what will replace him.. the head of Wagner...shapesalad
    • i can't imagine Putin giving a flying fuck about the ICCIanbolton
    • The warrant means he can't travel outside of Russia anymorezaq
    • He can still travel to China and North Korea?NBQ00
    • I doubt. he would need to take a plane. He has been traveling on a train latelyzaq
    • He can travel to Ukraine…
    • He can whatever he wants. The ICC won’t actually go after him. And the USA doesn’t recognize the ICC eithermonospaced
    • I guess it is more a symbolic gesture from the West. We now consider Putin to be in the same category as Gaddafi/Saddam/Milos... etc and we're saying it openlydrgs
    • It's more than symbolic. Although Russia is not abiding by ICC, its people greatly respect it. After WW2, it was instrumental in the punishment of thosezaq
    • who were responsible for the monstrosity of that war. So, the fact that Putin is linked to everyone who was accused of a war crimes is a big thingzaq
    • Oh hey, there's Bush and Blair walking about, free as air. Having drinks with Obama and playing 'Who Killed The Most Civilians'.face_melter
    • Joe got to be President after pushing for the Iraq war. Fun times.face_melter

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