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    I find it so annoying that Midjourney doesn't offer a real web gui with all the settings in front of you and not a discord channel where other users are flooding their stuff.

    Also why do they expect to be in a cess pool with hundreds of other users in a chat typing their stuff and not being able to focus on your own as all the other stuff is coming in from other people?

    Yes I'm using a private messaging chat on discord to not see all the other users stuff but for some reason that private chat only works on desktop web version and is hidden on the discord mobile app and I can't find a way to access it.

    They should really make more effort now that they're making money with subscribers.

    • Just use PlaygroundPhanLo
    • Playground?NBQ00
    • Hate discord.i_monk
    • How much are you paying to use Midjourney?shapesalad
    • https://playgroundai… 100 free images a day and it’s in a browser, easy to usePhanLo
    • I once lost my "/imagine" post in their channel and gave updrgs
    • wut? I never even look at the main MJ discord channels - just direct message your MJ instance?Nairn
    • Set-up your private server on Midjourney, it will be your images only. Once that is done you can set-up individual galleries within your server space.utopian
    • Shouldn't have to.i_monk
    • I'm not a paying customer, can I still do all these things?drgs
    • You also have your own mid journey botHayoth
    • Signs your getting oldimbecile

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