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    agree you should lead with work. i'd also find some better comps for the identity work and build a story out for each.

    consider collapsing all the graphic design work into a category of "posters" with sick comps. bus station ads, OOH ads, etc.

    for write ups, instead of sharing how you did it, share what the approach was and the ideas that went into it.

    infographics - can these be shown in-situ?

    web - screenshot some key moments. i personally don't like linking away from my site. something to consider.

    i don't know if the illustrations do anything for you.

    the work is good, i think it's a matter of presentation so that non-designers can see it and understand the space it was intended for.

    • for web, i find it nice to see a browser because it's hard to see white space on the work that's within your site. gets floaty and awkward.doesnotexist
    • +1 on last line there, i didn't mention that.Nairn

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