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  • monNom1

    All that clicking felt a lot like work to me. (and it wasn't immediately obvious that the headings of the list took me to a visual index for that section.)

    I would lead with strong work without any user input required. Maybe stack up all the thumbnails from the section indexes with headings separating them?
    I think your posters are likely the strongest, at least as they are presented. If you can make a big continuous scroll of work, I'm more likely to see more of your stuff before I make a go/no-go decision.

    It's nice if I can dig deeper into something that interests me... Like if I see a cool poster - is it connected to a logo? a motion piece? can I click on the poster image to get more details and pieces in a similar vein? It would be nice if after I get to the end of a project, it wasn't a dead-end --suggest something else for me to click on.

    Think about how a user with limited time is going to find the thing that appeals to them as quickly as possible. My naïve thought is a stack up of carousels. You scroll down between projects/types/themes/whatever, and when you find something you like, you can scroll/drag/click sideways to access related pieces and information.

    I think the illustration/artwork stuff isn't as polished as some of the other work. I would leave it off as a section unto itself. I do like the Conde Nast Traveler cover.

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