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  • skinny_puppy2

    @palimpsest two changes if you can:

    1. Remove the href=" prefix.
    2. Don't trim .jpeg to .jpe

    I can add support for both of those (or people can just fix their own exports), but I'll only get to it tomorrow night.

    • Yes, sir!
      I'll take care of it today.
    • Anyone know why imgur made the change from .jpg to jpeg extensions a while back? They still all resolve, but still...Nairn
    • I only know, it 'ignores' the extension. you can change url to .png .gif .jpg .jpeg and it will load fine. only on download you get the real format.uan
    • Thanks!skinny_puppy
    • Removed the href and fixed the jpeg issue. At first I only had jpg on my regex then thought I should add png and gif so changed it to w{3}palimpsest
    • not counting on the pesky .jpeg
      I also did a quick fix to only preview the last 100 posts (or the PhanLo safeguard).
    • PhanLo 2022:
      2429 posts with imgur images and a total of
      3271 imgur images.
    • YAASSSS.PhanLo
    • Hahaha fucking hell, Phan!Continuity
    • Awesome! This is how we stress test Haasie.skinny_puppy
    • Thanks @palimpsest much appreciatedskinny_puppy
    • 2020 has been scraped and updated.

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