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  • sted6

    • Used to shred on a pallet jack back when I worked in an Apple store stock roomduckseason
    • TandemFax_Benson
    • @duck Yup. If you have never gone jack skiing, you haven't truly lived.garbage
    • Don't turn the handle too quickly or you'll end up in the cardboard compactormisterhow
    • Everyone who has worked in a warehouse has ridden a pallet truck right? At 15-16 I had an evening job at a haulage company and our warehouse was laid out...Wolfboy
    • ...in an oval and we would use this as a track to race around. We loved those moments when we were waiting for the next truck to come in and we got to race!Wolfboy
    • Can confirm. If you're a kid, you hear that Siren calling.garbage

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