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    Largest aircraft carrier in the world USS Gerald R. Ford is visiting Oslo. I'm reading an interview with an American soldier who "can't wait to taste local food"

    Little does he know Norwegian food is the worst food hehe…


    • hence the lack of obesity and heart disease, no?whatthefunk
    • I hear that the water is special.utopian
    • It's not that the food is bad, it's just that the selection of Norwegian dishes is poor and narrowdrgs
    • Objectively the worst cuisines are those of horse/reindeer herders, who boil everything and eat the whole animaldrgs
    • meh. dutch food is way worsehans_glib
    • Dutch food is mostly fine. German food, on the other hand ... lacks imagination.Continuity
    • When Lidl tried to enter the Norwegian market, the Norwegians thought the food was too exoticdrgs
    • The first and only time Lidl failed
      Thats how narrow norwegian tastes are
    • It's a pretty sad state of affairs when German food is considered exotic. Oh, boy.Continuity
    • that's fucking gold, drgs. thanksNairn
    • When he says "Norwegian food", he really means Norwegian pussy.BusterBoy
    • And by 'Norwegian pussy' he really means stuffing as many lemmings down his pants as possible.Nairn

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